Just what Might People Casino On?

The second piece of the Easter Egg is “what can you gamble on.” We’ve all seen the infomercials that have shown some of these gambling companies making outrageous claims about their products and services, claiming they will return you 100% of your initial investment. Of course, those are pretty bold claims. What do these companies stand to gain from such aggressive advertising?

Let’s start with Fountains. A fountain may be a source of a revenue generator. However, just because it may make you money doesn’t mean that you will always make money. There’s no guarantee that the revenue generator will come in the form of a check from the gambling company at the end of the bet. No guarantee that the customer will ever come back or that their name will remain in the list of customers who have bet on that particular gaming table. The bottom line is that gambling should be considered a risk.

If you were playing a blackjack game with one of those big machines down the street from your apartment, what would be the odds on you winning that first game? You probably know that the chances of hitting the jackpot are pretty easy. You’re only looking at paying out what you have put up to start with. On the other hand, if you were going to place a wager and not win the first time you play, that first pot of money would be pretty easy to lose. If you knew there was a chance that you would hit the jackpot the first time you played, wouldn’t you want to maximize your odds? That’s where smart gambling strategies come in.

One of the greatest mistakes made by players is that they get too attached to their winnings. Just like an emperor who raises the stakes to keep the enemy from capturing his crown, so too can a gambler who is too attached to his winnings become greedy. This often times will lead to them getting too greedy when it comes to gambling and this can lead to them getting themselves into a great deal of trouble. The four great Emperors from ancient China were not just sticklers when it came to food or clothing. The four of them also played some great gambling games as well.

The four great emperors decided that it would be a good idea for them to make a wager on which heavenly sovereign would reach first. What they didn’t realize was that they were putting all of their eggs in one basket and it would be up to the eggs to hatch. So instead of putting all of their eggs in one basket as they meant to do, they split the amount of the winnings between them and let each individual pick which celestial sovereign they would name first. Of course, when the time came for the first egg to be hatched, the emperors had already named the new earthly sovereign. Because of this, there was a lot of rejoicing throughout the entire country of China.

What can you bet on with regards to the Chinese Emperors is that they always won and even if they lost everything, they never complained or got angry. In fact, they went on to win more later on during their reign. It is said that the Liangui Jade was so valuable back then that the emperors did not allow any other royal official to handle or even touch the stone. Therefore, only the handful of people who knew about this special gem were allowed to lay their hands on it.

Now what can you bet on when it comes to the Chinese Emperors is what can you bet on with regards to the Chinese Ancestral Court. The reason that the four great emperors decided that they would name the stone after themselves was because of the wealth that the ancestral court members accumulated over the years. Therefore, whenever the sovereigns decided to name it for themselves, they knew that they could always expect great wealth and luck from it. Plus, the stone itself represents that which transcends material things because whatever is placed into this stone will be trapped in the stone forever and will never leave it.

What can you gamble on is what can you win with the Chinese Guiyu? This is because the word guiyu translates as “ancher” and it refers to the four great emperors of ancient China. The name itself actually means “stones of the imperial house”. Today, the word jade has a much more modern meaning but it still means just as much as the original Guiyu name.

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